Labrador Retriever Club of
the Chesapeake
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The Labrador Retriever Club of the Chesapeake (LRCC) was formed in July 2006. The founding
members felt that in addition to most of the objectives set forth by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for
dog clubs, that the LRCC should place emphasis on encouraging, educating and involving novice
Labrador Retriever competitors and pet owners in all aspects of the sport of dogs and to advance the
welfare of the Labrador Retriever.    From that consensus the following objectives and member’s code
were established.

The objectives of the LRCC are:  

-        To encourage and promote the breeding of pure-bred Labrador Retrievers and to do all possible
to bring their natural qualities to perfection;

-        To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging
sportsmanlike competition and conduct dog shows, performance trials and all other dog related events
and activities;

-        To encourage the involvement of the pet Labrador owner; and

-        To provide an opportunity to educate and encourage Labrador owners in all aspects of the sport
of dogs.  

LRCC Members Code

This member’s code is intended to reflect a standard to which we can all aspire, rather than a rule or
measure by which we judge one another.  We recognize that we are all people of integrity, and will do
our utmost to behave in a manner that reflects well upon our Breed, our Club, and upon the fancy. When
a group of individuals form a club or organization, a common bond unites them.  In the case of the
LRCC, that bond is our love of Labrador Retrievers.
As members of LRCC, we pledge to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the respect and care
we have for Labrador Retrievers.  We will strive to provide our dogs with the highest possible levels of
care and nurture. We will be responsible breeders and owners, and will sell and/or co-own dogs only
with those who we think will be equally responsible. We will, to the best of our ability, assume lifetime
responsibility for all dogs we own or breed. We will, to the best of our ability, support breed rescue and
other animal welfare organizations.

The membership of the LRCC has grown since 2006 and each year since our founding we have held two
conformation matches, which have include obedience and rally trials; a spring field training event; and
fall Working Certificate Test field event. We have been pleased to have had many guests participate in
these events.  Additionally, our members enjoy a social event held each summer, another
over the winter holiday season and a Club newsletter.   We trust that
through these and our future efforts that the objectives of the LRCC have been and will continue to be
met; and that as members we have and will continue to uphold our Members Code.
Blanche needs our help . . .
The LRCC received the following message from our local Lab Rescue

Donate to save Blanche -
Click here to be taken to the Lab-Rescue donation page

To our supporters, volunteers, and adopters — This is an email we recently received from Animal Control in one of our neediest
intake regions:

Date: Thu, May 29, 2019 at 3:25 PM                                                                                              Subject: IMMEDIATE HELP

This sweet girl was dumped out in the middle of nowhere with a massive tumor on her side. She does not
appear to be very old. Maybe 2 or 3. She is very sweet and gentle. Loved the car ride to the shelter, walks well
on a leash. The issue is, her stray hold is up soon and she will have to be euthanized shortly after if we cannot
find a rescue to commit to her care. The mass she has cannot be ignored for much longer, and our shelter
cannot afford to get her the care she needs. If anyone can help this sweet girl PLEASE let us know ASAP!          

The shelter named her Blanche. She was found wandering in the woods, covered in over 100 ticks, her ribs
clearly showing, and with one of the most grotesque and infected masses on her back that we’ve ever seen.
She is heartworm positive, dehydrated, and starving.

After some phone calls to our vet and understanding the costs required for her care, we decided to let the
shelter know that we would take over her case.

Blanche is in major surgery right now—X-rays show that her uterus is severely infected, so the vet will take
care of her spay and then remove the mass if Blanche is strong enough to make it through a longer surgery. A
blood donor dog is standing by, in case a transfusion is needed.

Blanche has been let down—a human has not given her the care she needed and, rather than taking
responsible actions, dropped her off somewhere to fend for herself. Blanche’s story is the exact reason why
Lab Rescue  exists—we are here to step in and save these dogs from lives of sadness, from loneliness, from
abuse and abandonment.

We know we just asked for your help with Ruthie’s illness—and because of you, Ruthie received the
interventional vet care she needed to fight off parvo. She was adopted earlier this week into a forever family
who will give her the love and care she deserves but has never received. Those events would have never taken
place with your support!

Can you help us continue to reply to shelter emails with “yes, we will help” for dogs like Blanche? When we
receive these emails, when time is of the essence, intervention is urgent, and senseless death is the other
option—we can only confidently respond when we know we have the financial support made possible by caring
humans like you.

We have a supporter who is willing to match the first $4,000 donated toward Blanche’s care—receiing the full
match will allow us to do whatever it takes to help her.

Can you help us show Blanche that humans are good?