Labrador Retriever Club of the Chesapeake
All Graphics and Photos are the Property of LRCC.  Please do not reproduce without our permission.
New Members are always welcome.  We encourage you to get to know us first by reading
our Constitution and By-Laws before applying for membership.  We also encourage you to
attend an event or two to find out if our club is for you.

As members of LRCC, we pledge to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the respect and
care we have for Labrador Retrievers.  We will strive to provide our dogs with the highest
possible levels of care and nurture. We will be responsible breeders and owners, and will sell
and/or co-own dogs only with those who we think will be equally responsible. We will, to the best
of our ability, assume lifetime responsibility for all dogs we own or breed. We will, to the best of
our ability, support breed rescue and other animal welfare organizations.

Questions regarding how to become a member should be mailed to our
Membership Chairperson Betty Dust